Ian Barsby Photographer


If you are looking at this page, I guess you are looking for a photographer for your big day or special occasion.

I  am a Leicestershire based award winning photographer with over 35 years experience. 

I first developed an interest in photography in my early teens. Working in a small local camera shop when I was fifteen meant it wasn't long before I bought my first SLR and began making photographs on 35mm film.

My father is and always has been a keen photographer, but he declined the chance to photograph a friend's son's wedding, and he suggested me. 

By baptism of fire, my first wedding shoot was soon under my belt. I loved it! And in the mid nineties I went on to shoot many weddings in and around Leicestershire, whilst building my skills and confidence all the time.

Although there are several styles of wedding photography now, my approach is one of a journalistic, candid style, with very little in the way of direction or posing.

I simply let the day unfold around me and catch every detail. I like to think of myself as a guest with a camera, blending into the background. If I'm doing my job well, you won't even notice I'm there at times.

I find shooting this way yields the best results, the finest images, the most natural smiles, the magic and real emotions of both you and your guests.

It is my job to see the things others miss and capture it in fine detail.

Of course there will be the pre planned group images and your  portrait walk which will include some well posed, beautiful images which you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Looking through my galleries, you will notice I try not to specialise in one particular subject. There is way too much out there to shoot. Whether shooting weddings, charity events, portraits,  or still life, I try to look for interesting or unusual angles to  bring out the best in the subject. 

In recent years, I have had the privilege of shooting charity and sporting events in and around Leicestershire too, for organisations such as Rainbows Childrens Hospice, shooting their annual celebrity luncheon. Tennis Leicestershire have also used my services to photograph their annual awards evening at the Tigers Rugby ground in Leicester, meeting several Wimbledon stars along the way.

I am also available for corporate shoots, photographing headshots and artistic interior images. 


Click on the galleries for example images, and should you have any queries on a commission, a portrait shoot request or are planning your big day, please fill out your details on the Get in touch page to start the film rolling!